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Fall Schedule 2022!
Join us at our new location!!!

Welcome to The Language Spot!

summer Registration is Open!!

The Language Spot is a Spanish language school that offers a variety of services to teach the Spanish language and culture. We recognize the importance of learning a second language and introducing it at an early age. We also see learning Spanish as an important means of creating connections, communication, and understanding with others.


Most importantly, we believe learning Spanish is     FUN!

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  • Summer Registration is OPEN!

  • Fall information will be available around the beginning of August.

  1. Learning Spanish allows you to communicate with the 400 million Spanish speakers of the world. Spanish is one of the top five most spoken languages in the world.

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Why Learn Spanish?

Why should my child Learn another language?

  1. Language learning improves students' memory, creative thinking, verbal and spatial abilities, and enhances problem solving skills.

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why should I learn another language as an adult?

  1. Learning another language improves memory, problem solving, and concentration.

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Karen Grotbo, owner of The Language Spot and licensed Spanish teacher in Illinois


Woman Studying

Karen's amazing with kids of all ages. My son has been working with her for a few years, and he enjoys the class and retains the information. She does a great job making the class fun for the students!

-Celena C., parent


My daughter, who's going into 3rd grade, took this Spanish class and loved it! She came home everyday and practiced what she learned and taught it to her family. We will definitely be signing up for more sessions!

-Jenny H., parent

Home School

Karen Grotbo's Spanish classes for elementary students gave my daughter a fun, hands on way to learn a new language.  The songs, stories, and activities made the new vocabulary exciting and memorable.

-Carley S., parent

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