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It's been a few years since I've taken a Spanish class with Karen Grotbo, and I'm still amazed at how much I remember. It's directly related to how well she taught our class. She was encouraging, yet challenging, and forever patient as I tried to learn and master a new language.  She managed to make the class fun, and with such a wide variety of learning levels, she was prepared to teach in her engaging and supportive style.


-Brian B., former adult student


Karen's Spanish is perfect! I'm a native Spanish speaker, and I can tell she has learned her Spanish from first-hand experiences and has been speaking it for years.  She is definitely comfortable speaking Spanish, and it is impressive how natural she is.


-Diana S., friend

Home School

Karen is incredible!  She has wonderful, engaging lessons that her students are able to retain and use.  My daughter practices her colors in Spanish and feels so proud of herself. If you or your child are interested in learning Spanish, Karen is the guru!

-Erin O., parent

Woman Studying

Karen has been tutoring me for 6 months.  I started learning Spanish using an online program, but was struggling with the "why and when" of concepts as I moved beyond the basics.  Karen has been excellent at gauging my current skills, adapting our sessions to reinforce concepts I struggle with, and introducing new concepts that she thinks I am ready for.  Our sessions are always enjoyable, but also extremely helpful.  She uses a variety of resources to supplement her lessons. I don't even mind doing my homework! If you are serious about learning or improving your Spanish, I highly recommend Karen.

-Betsy H., current adult student


Having my daughter be in Karen's Spanish class has been a fantastic introduction to Spanish. She made it fun and engaging through songs and games that were age appropriate for younger students. My daughter was so excited to tell me what she had learned after each class.


-Jessica W., parent

Home School

The Language Spot has provided both of my daughters with an engaging learning experience. The lessons are interactive with corresponding activities that help students absorb and readily recall what they learn. Karen does a wonderful job incorporating various types of learning styles to meet kids where they are and help them grow.

-Janelle M., parent

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