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Exploratory Spanish is an introduction to Spanish for those in Middle School who are interested in learning Spanish, but are not ready to take Spanish I. It is a great way to get a sense of the language and what it is like to study another language, as well as to get a solid foundation in grammar concepts and vocabulary that will prepare them for Spanish I. Prior Spanish is not required for enrollment. Each Session is 6-45 minute classes. $120 Max. 12

There is currently no Exploratory Class Scheduled. Please Contact The Language Spot if you are interested in this class.

Exploratory Spanish (Grades 6-8)

Spanish I (Grade 8)

This class is for students entering 8th grade who wish to complete Spanish I and take a proficiency exam to place into Spanish II their Freshman year of high school.  THIS CLASS IS A NON-CREDIT CLASS.  The class will follow the Unit 5 curriculum for Spanish I, and it will require a serious commitment and dedication to studying at home.  Students must choose one in-person class to attend per week with additional assignments and video instruction posted online during days that there is no in-person instruction. If a switch in the attendance day needs to occur to accommodate a schedule change, the teacher can be notified by email. There will be homework, tests, and independent learning.  Students will take the proficiency exam at their intended high school in the spring.  Students will learn from the class what they invest in it; therefore there is NO GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL PASS THE PROFICIENCY EXAM. It is highly recommended that students have strong English skills in reading and writing, are focused, and motivated to learn Spanish. Please email with any questions or for more information. Fall is a 12-week session and Spring will be a 12-14 week session with one 45 minute in-person class each week. Cost $295/session, all materials included. Max 12.

Enrollment is closed for this class.

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